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Spent Snowdrops

Two years ago, I planted some snowdrops and crocuses around the rather new ornamental cherry tree (yes, I know more crocuses but I cant get enough of them). So when they pop up year after year during the freezing winter months, its always sad to see them go. But as they die back they are then replaced with the later flowering crocuses which liven up the place once again.

These are Galanthus Nivalis, in a couple of years they’ll start to bulk up creating natural little clumps.

Do you grow snowdrops?


February 23, 2011 at 6:30 pm 2 comments

Blooming Bulbs

Currently in the flower bed the bulbs have grown massive, with the daffodil flower buds near bursting and more crocuses appearing everyday, spring is right around the corner and I can’t wait!

 The flower bed may still have gaps in it as the tulips are still only poking their noses through the ground along with the other types of bulbs I planted, but It will fill out as the other plants get larger. The picture of the little bulb poking through is the alliums (which I absolutely adore). I’ll also be able to start to sow some flowers soon as long as the weather improves.

Hopefully the flower bed is going to look great this year come late spring/early summer the bed will be chock full of fleurs, just you wait and see.

What are the bulbs like in your garden?

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Old Friends

Just as the garden was going to sleep for the winter I pulled up some of the spent agastache plants and to my surprise found these little, purple, furry shoots emerging from the base of the plant so, I took the little chunck of stem and potted it up. over the winter it didnt grow much but as the days become longer and light levels increase iv’e noticed the lil’ thing sprouting some new leaves.

I plan on adding some key perennials to bring more body to the bed within the warmer months and also something that will return year after year. Agastache being one of them as it has beautiful flowers, provides lots of food for the insects and has a really sweet, pleasant smell.

While in the garden I also discovered another agastche, where I forgot to take out an old stem,I noticed it had some shoots coming through, which made me  rather intrigued as to how the plant had managed to survive through the winter in the freezing conditions, but i’m glad it did. So it seems my old friends shall be gracing the flower bed with their beauty once again.

Have you made any discoveries in your garden recently?

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Budding Lillies

Around about autumn time when I was lifting  the spent lilies I came across a few little bulblets around the base of the stem, this was a first for me so I just popped them in a cell with some soil, watered and waited.

After a few weeks the bulbs produced some really vibrant green shoots, but by winter the leaves began to die and i got slightly worried but I decided to keep them in the greenhouse over winter.

And it’s a good job I did the bulbs started to produce shoots again 2 weeks back so when they were large enough I potted them up, so now I have some baby lilies for free which are destined for the flower bed when their older.


Are you over wintering any plants ?

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Sprouting Greens

These are some of the salads I sowed back in October. Now I said I wanted to plant them outside but thank God I didn’t as we had the coldest winter on record a few weeks later, so yes they are still in the greenhouse I want to get them outside but I think its still a bit too nippy for ’em i’ll have to see by the weekend if there going to be ready or not. But Its nice to have some life in the greenhouse during these really cold months.

Whats going on in your greenhouses ?

January 18, 2011 at 4:15 pm 2 comments

Happy New Year


I know I haven’t posted in ages and your proberbly wondering why.. . GCSE mocks thats all im gonna say.

But i’m back now and going to be doing weekly posts of whats happening in the little garden. Recently my gardens been through freezing tempretures and too much rain. I harvested my pumkins along with yummy tomatoes over the October and November period and i’m now being supplied with winter salads and leeks throughout December and January, its good to know most of my hard work payed off.

My New Years Resolutions;

  • Take more pictures of the garden
  • Do more studying
  • Do well in my GCSE’s

What’s your new years resolutions ?

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Growing Leeks

This year I decided I wanted to grow leeks even though i hadn’t grown them before.So in March I sowed a variety called ‘Musselburgh’, by april they had shot up and were growing well. When they were about pencil thick I planted them outside, first by dibbling a hole and then twisting them into it so all the roots go in, I don’t fill in the hole just water it to the top and leave them to get on with it.

How Do You Grow Leeks?

October 7, 2010 at 1:52 pm Leave a comment

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