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Rampant Gardens

Well, as you know I haven’t exactly been blogging up to this point and am of course thoroughly dissapointed with myself after pledging a gardeners promise not to let this happen but it has. So while I have some free time because I’ve been working in a carehome for most of the holidays, I shall be updating my blog.

As you can see the gardens gone on a bit of a rampage, guess I have alot of weeding and mowing to do this weekend. But in this act of neglect its been almost like a suprise party of plants seeing them growing healthy and well in the garden.









This is how I left the little garden back in late may..









And I return to this .. Blooming Mavelous :D

So whats going on in your gardens?


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Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I did abit of Spring cleaning in the garden  focusing on the patio side, it mainly consisted of weeding and clearing up which is always a fun task while in the garden.

Unfortunately I still haven’t been able to burn the old parts of the lilac tree I chopped down purely because I wasn’t able to get the fire pit, but I shall be saving up for it so, come next bonfire night I’ll be enjoying the warm glow of burning fire wood.

Before …


All I need is a broom now.

Any Spring cleaning going on in your garden?

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