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It has to be said, my favourite genus has got to be alliums, why? you ask well, I love the veg, the smell the taste, they even come above potatoes which is crazy being of irish decent, but when I discovered that they could be grown as flowers too well, I was hooked.

Last year I had leeks but this year as well as leeks Iv’e gone further into my allium addiction and started some onions and shallots from set which have proved to be a really good way of growing them as they can go straight into the ground or in the greenhouse for a few weeks, freeing up alot more shelving space, if your unable to grow onions from seed grow them from set there great.

As you can see iv’e got them inside the greenhouse, out in the veg bed and in the flower bed, I love ’em.

Do you have a favourite genus?


April 23, 2011 at 8:25 pm 1 comment

Lets Get Sowing

So I went out into the greenhouse today with seeds in hand and went a bit sowing crazy, but it was well worth it and I got alot done so i’m getting ready for summer.

What I sowed


  • Sweetpea;
  • -Air Warden
  • -Noel Sutton
  • -White Ensign
  • -Beaujolais
  • -Mrs R Bolton
  • Echinops- Blue Glow
  • Cornflower- Snowman
  • Cornflower- Polka Dot Mixed
  • Nasturtium- Cobra
  • Rudbeckia- Chim Chiminee
  • Rudbeckia- Cherokee Sunset
  • Nigella- Moody Blues
  • Stock- Brompton Mixed


  • Leek- Autumn Mammoth 2
  • Aubergine- Black Enorma
  • Tomato- gardeners Delight
  • Tomato- Alisa Craig
  • Sweetcorn- Rising Sun


  • Dill
  • Basil- Sweet genovese
  • Parsley- Plain Leaved 2

Wow thats all I can say, quite a lot I must say but the flowers will look great. i haven’t sowed alot of veg this year as I know now what gets eaten and what doesn’t, but this year herbs are a must I plan to sow some more later on.

What are you sowing for the upcoming months?

April 18, 2011 at 10:06 pm 1 comment

Tackling The Vegetable Bed

On Sunday I spent most of the day in the garden and was in the mood for tackling the vegetable bed (at last) so began the long forking and digging process.

P.S This photo was taken on the friday night so if you can actually see the remnants of the veg bed you must have 20/20 vision.

These photo’s are from sunday, so here I began by forking over the soil.

After, I added the soil from the 3 grow bags I had the tomatoes in last year to help improve the structure of the soil as I have thick clay here in the little garden.

After Digging that in, the vegetable bed looked much more respectable,  i’ll be able to get some veg into it soon, can’t wait. Oh and if your wondering about the bricks, those were found in the bed when I dug it over, so I used them to outline the border, makes it look more pretty.

All in a days work :)

What are you doing in your garden this week?

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Growing Leeks

This year I decided I wanted to grow leeks even though i hadn’t grown them before.So in March I sowed a variety called ‘Musselburgh’, by april they had shot up and were growing well. When they were about pencil thick I planted them outside, first by dibbling a hole and then twisting them into it so all the roots go in, I don’t fill in the hole just water it to the top and leave them to get on with it.

How Do You Grow Leeks?

October 7, 2010 at 1:52 pm Leave a comment

Winter Greens

Well it’s well into october now with the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder. So I decided to sow some winter greens, Red and green lettuces along with some spinach to keep us going through the cold winter months. Last year when I grew spinach I transplanted them outside and they did rather well so hopefully if the weather isn’t too bad (fingers crossed) I can plant them outside.

What winter greens are you growing?

October 6, 2010 at 4:47 pm Leave a comment

Harvesting Potatoes

Yesterday I harvested my first proper batch of spuds, they wern’t as good as i thought they would be but thats what it’s all about, learning for next time round. In total from 3 plants I got about 20 or more good sized spuds and the rest were salad size. They didn’t cost me anything as I got them from the cupboard where they’d been forgotten, so I chitted them and planted them about april time, every time the shoots reached the surface I would add another handful of soil to encourage more tubers, but it didn’t work as successfully as i thought it would. So next year I will definately be buying the potatoes from a garden centre so then i’ll actually know what variety i’m planting.

What variety of potatoes do you grow ?

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Baby Pumpkins

This is my first year growing pumpkins which is rather exciting their a variety called ‘Jack Be Little’ which is perfect for my little greenhouse. I started them off  in april in peat pots and later transplanted them into the grow bags and have supported them with strings so they would grow onto the bench on the side.

It started last week when i was getting worried that my pumpkin hadn’t sprouted any female flowers only male ones, so as i went into the greenhouse to water the plants  I checked the pumkin and noticed a female flower, I thought result! And then I spotted another one! Great! So the next day I came back and pollinated both of them with a earbud which in my experience works really well. 

These are the pumpkins at the moment. I’ve named them after my good friends, mollie on the left and Shane on the right. So I pollinated them successfully and now all I have to do is wait but thats the hardest part, hopefully they’ll be ready in time for halloween.

Are you growing pumpkins this year ?

September 11, 2010 at 9:30 pm Leave a comment

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