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Lets Get Sowing

So I went out into the greenhouse today with seeds in hand and went a bit sowing crazy, but it was well worth it and I got alot done so i’m getting ready for summer.

What I sowed


  • Sweetpea;
  • -Air Warden
  • -Noel Sutton
  • -White Ensign
  • -Beaujolais
  • -Mrs R Bolton
  • Echinops- Blue Glow
  • Cornflower- Snowman
  • Cornflower- Polka Dot Mixed
  • Nasturtium- Cobra
  • Rudbeckia- Chim Chiminee
  • Rudbeckia- Cherokee Sunset
  • Nigella- Moody Blues
  • Stock- Brompton Mixed


  • Leek- Autumn Mammoth 2
  • Aubergine- Black Enorma
  • Tomato- gardeners Delight
  • Tomato- Alisa Craig
  • Sweetcorn- Rising Sun


  • Dill
  • Basil- Sweet genovese
  • Parsley- Plain Leaved 2

Wow thats all I can say, quite a lot I must say but the flowers will look great. i haven’t sowed alot of veg this year as I know now what gets eaten and what doesn’t, but this year herbs are a must I plan to sow some more later on.

What are you sowing for the upcoming months?


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Blooming Bulbs

Currently in the flower bed the bulbs have grown massive, with the daffodil flower buds near bursting and more crocuses appearing everyday, spring is right around the corner and I can’t wait!

 The flower bed may still have gaps in it as the tulips are still only poking their noses through the ground along with the other types of bulbs I planted, but It will fill out as the other plants get larger. The picture of the little bulb poking through is the alliums (which I absolutely adore). I’ll also be able to start to sow some flowers soon as long as the weather improves.

Hopefully the flower bed is going to look great this year come late spring/early summer the bed will be chock full of fleurs, just you wait and see.

What are the bulbs like in your garden?

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Sprouting Greens

These are some of the salads I sowed back in October. Now I said I wanted to plant them outside but thank God I didn’t as we had the coldest winter on record a few weeks later, so yes they are still in the greenhouse I want to get them outside but I think its still a bit too nippy for ’em i’ll have to see by the weekend if there going to be ready or not. But Its nice to have some life in the greenhouse during these really cold months.

Whats going on in your greenhouses ?

January 18, 2011 at 4:15 pm 2 comments

Baby Pumpkins

This is my first year growing pumpkins which is rather exciting their a variety called ‘Jack Be Little’ which is perfect for my little greenhouse. I started them off  in april in peat pots and later transplanted them into the grow bags and have supported them with strings so they would grow onto the bench on the side.

It started last week when i was getting worried that my pumpkin hadn’t sprouted any female flowers only male ones, so as i went into the greenhouse to water the plants  I checked the pumkin and noticed a female flower, I thought result! And then I spotted another one! Great! So the next day I came back and pollinated both of them with a earbud which in my experience works really well. 

These are the pumpkins at the moment. I’ve named them after my good friends, mollie on the left and Shane on the right. So I pollinated them successfully and now all I have to do is wait but thats the hardest part, hopefully they’ll be ready in time for halloween.

Are you growing pumpkins this year ?

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Saving Seed

This year as you know most of my flowers produced lots of seeds, so I put them in brown envelopes and pegged them up in the greenhouse to sow next year. Collecting seeds at the end of the growing year is great as it saves money and  it gives me a sense of accomplishment. It also makes me feel more in touch with nature reusing the seeds and not going to a shop and buying them. But with some seeds mainly flowers they can sometimes lead to different coloured petals i.e Alliums (purple Sensation) the offsprings flowers end up less purple and more white. so you don’t really know what your getting although the advantage of 2nd genereation seed is that they are more adapted to surviving in your garden which is certainly handy. When i need to use the seed I just simply need to seperate the seeds from the rest of the dried flower and sow.


Do you save seeds ?

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Bustling Bees

Bees, flowers, plants, seed, furry critters, Insects

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What Great Weather Were Having

Writing this post I’m looking out of my bedroom window and it’s raining, it makes me wonder if this is the last of our warm summer?

It’s times like this when the weathers dreary that makes me think back to the start of spring when gardeners are just beggining to sow their seeds, getting their gardens ready for the up coming months and the greenhouse is full of new life.

Im going away to great yarmouth on saturday so i won’t be writing for a week hopefully the weather will be nicer there. 

Fingers crossed.

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