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Tackling The Vegetable Bed

On Sunday I spent most of the day in the garden and was in the mood for tackling the vegetable bed (at last) so began the long forking and digging process.

P.S This photo was taken on the friday night so if you can actually see the remnants of the veg bed you must have 20/20 vision.

These photo’s are from sunday, so here I began by forking over the soil.

After, I added the soil from the 3 grow bags I had the tomatoes in last year to help improve the structure of the soil as I have thick clay here in the little garden.

After Digging that in, the vegetable bed looked much more respectable,  i’ll be able to get some veg into it soon, can’t wait. Oh and if your wondering about the bricks, those were found in the bed when I dug it over, so I used them to outline the border, makes it look more pretty.

All in a days work :)

What are you doing in your garden this week?


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