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Sweet Peas

This year I made sweet peas a must making sure I sowed lots in the flower bed, lots of them in toilet roll tubes in the greenhouse, planting them out at the end of May and looking  after them well.

I love how sweet peas cling to and grow up other plants using them as canes to support themselves like shown here.

 The sweetpeas create a much more interesting backdrop to the bed aswell with their curling tendrils and pretty blooms.


I’m also pleased how as the months progress the sweatpeas grow at different rates allowing them to grow alongside later flowering plants prolonging there presence in the flower bed.

Are you growing Sweetpeas? If so which ones?


August 11, 2011 at 6:30 pm 1 comment

Summer Blooms

This summer I’ve had alot more colour in the bed compared to last year and this post is just to show them off.

This Dahlia and Gladioli have actually been in the bed for two years now they just taken abit of time to flower, im not sure what either of there names are as there part of the mysterious bulbs brought from spain, but very pretty.


Agastache and Dahlia from last year are back and looking better than last year, defiantely more flowers on the dahlia this year.


As for the new additions to the garden they’ve done really well I seem to have fallen in love with the Hollyhock especially with its silky flowers.

What flowers are you growing this summer?

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Rampant Gardens

Well, as you know I haven’t exactly been blogging up to this point and am of course thoroughly dissapointed with myself after pledging a gardeners promise not to let this happen but it has. So while I have some free time because I’ve been working in a carehome for most of the holidays, I shall be updating my blog.

As you can see the gardens gone on a bit of a rampage, guess I have alot of weeding and mowing to do this weekend. But in this act of neglect its been almost like a suprise party of plants seeing them growing healthy and well in the garden.









This is how I left the little garden back in late may..









And I return to this .. Blooming Mavelous :D

So whats going on in your gardens?

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Some New Additions

A few weeks ago I took a trip to my local B&Q ( I say trip but its just across the road), and came back with a few goodies.  Iv’e planted the plants in the flower bed and they’ve been in there for about a week now those pictures will come later but for the time being heres what I bought;                                

I went mainly with plants that can be kinda left to their own devices and and also can be propagated easily so I can make sure they come back year after year.

What’s going on in your flower beds?

May 16, 2011 at 8:19 pm 1 comment


It has to be said, my favourite genus has got to be alliums, why? you ask well, I love the veg, the smell the taste, they even come above potatoes which is crazy being of irish decent, but when I discovered that they could be grown as flowers too well, I was hooked.

Last year I had leeks but this year as well as leeks Iv’e gone further into my allium addiction and started some onions and shallots from set which have proved to be a really good way of growing them as they can go straight into the ground or in the greenhouse for a few weeks, freeing up alot more shelving space, if your unable to grow onions from seed grow them from set there great.

As you can see iv’e got them inside the greenhouse, out in the veg bed and in the flower bed, I love ’em.

Do you have a favourite genus?

April 23, 2011 at 8:25 pm 1 comment

Lets Get Sowing

So I went out into the greenhouse today with seeds in hand and went a bit sowing crazy, but it was well worth it and I got alot done so i’m getting ready for summer.

What I sowed


  • Sweetpea;
  • -Air Warden
  • -Noel Sutton
  • -White Ensign
  • -Beaujolais
  • -Mrs R Bolton
  • Echinops- Blue Glow
  • Cornflower- Snowman
  • Cornflower- Polka Dot Mixed
  • Nasturtium- Cobra
  • Rudbeckia- Chim Chiminee
  • Rudbeckia- Cherokee Sunset
  • Nigella- Moody Blues
  • Stock- Brompton Mixed


  • Leek- Autumn Mammoth 2
  • Aubergine- Black Enorma
  • Tomato- gardeners Delight
  • Tomato- Alisa Craig
  • Sweetcorn- Rising Sun


  • Dill
  • Basil- Sweet genovese
  • Parsley- Plain Leaved 2

Wow thats all I can say, quite a lot I must say but the flowers will look great. i haven’t sowed alot of veg this year as I know now what gets eaten and what doesn’t, but this year herbs are a must I plan to sow some more later on.

What are you sowing for the upcoming months?

April 18, 2011 at 10:06 pm 1 comment

Blossoming Cherry Tree

This spring my ornamental cherry tree (pink Perfection) has had its best display of flowers yet. Iv’e had it for about 3 years now and planted it within the first year I moved into my new house, I wanted to create a bit more intrest within the garden so thats what I did.

I love how as the tree grows bigger and bigger it creates an almost woodland feel to the corner of the garden casting dappled shade on the bluebells and wild flowers below.


The lilac tree at the end of my garden also creates a really pretty display and with both of them together the smell and colour is imense, ah i love spring.

Are there any trees flowering in your garden?

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