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Spent Snowdrops

Two years ago, I planted some snowdrops and crocuses around the rather new ornamental cherry tree (yes, I know more crocuses but I cant get enough of them). So when they pop up year after year during the freezing winter months, its always sad to see them go. But as they die back they are then replaced with the later flowering crocuses which liven up the place once again.

These are Galanthus Nivalis, in a couple of years they’ll start to bulk up creating natural little clumps.

Do you grow snowdrops?


February 23, 2011 at 6:30 pm 2 comments

Blooming Bulbs

Currently in the flower bed the bulbs have grown massive, with the daffodil flower buds near bursting and more crocuses appearing everyday, spring is right around the corner and I can’t wait!

 The flower bed may still have gaps in it as the tulips are still only poking their noses through the ground along with the other types of bulbs I planted, but It will fill out as the other plants get larger. The picture of the little bulb poking through is the alliums (which I absolutely adore). I’ll also be able to start to sow some flowers soon as long as the weather improves.

Hopefully the flower bed is going to look great this year come late spring/early summer the bed will be chock full of fleurs, just you wait and see.

What are the bulbs like in your garden?

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Budding Lillies

Around about autumn time when I was lifting  the spent lilies I came across a few little bulblets around the base of the stem, this was a first for me so I just popped them in a cell with some soil, watered and waited.

After a few weeks the bulbs produced some really vibrant green shoots, but by winter the leaves began to die and i got slightly worried but I decided to keep them in the greenhouse over winter.

And it’s a good job I did the bulbs started to produce shoots again 2 weeks back so when they were large enough I potted them up, so now I have some baby lilies for free which are destined for the flower bed when their older.


Are you over wintering any plants ?

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Shooting Bulbs

As you’ll remember my friend Chloe and I planted bulbs back in August and already there starting to show, I love this time in the garden when the green shoots are just poking their noses through the soil, by the looks of things theres going to be no gaps thank God.  I spent enough money on them but if there are iv’e got some daffs in pots which i can just fill the gaps with.

How are your bulbs coming along ?

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Pretty Flowers

This post is about showing off the pretty flowers that  have blossomed this summer and how pleased I am that they’ve done so well.

 This year I wanted lots of Rhubeckia in the flower bed but only one managed to survived so here it is, Rhubeckia ‘Cherokee Sunset’.


This is the first Dahlia i’ve ever grown and it’s already one of my favourites. I don’t know what variety it is as I got a load of tubers, bulbs and corms from spain, when I went there for a school trip. So i bought them back with me and hydrated them as they were extremely dry and then pot them up and they grew well.

Pretty Cosmos’ ‘Double Click Snow Puff’ And ‘Sensation Mixed’

Agastache ‘Anise hyssop’

What pretty flowers are you growing in your garden ?

September 15, 2010 at 9:27 pm 2 comments

Planting Bulbs

Today my friend chloe came round to help me in the garden. We started the day by taking a trip to Harlow garden centre and when we got back we started by extending the flower bed and then encorperated farmyard manure into the soil and finished off by planting the bulbs which included Striped Squill, Glory-Of -The-Snow, A wide range of tulips, Crocuses, Hyacinth, Fritillaria and of course daffodils.After we put some lawn edging around the bed to give it a nice clean finish :) I also plan to enlarge the vegetable bed on a later date.

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Thinking Ahead

Just got back from Great Yarmouth and what a surprise it rained for most of the week. :(

So with spending most of my week indoors it got me thinking about the year ahead and what to do in the garden now. So i’ve decided next sunday i’m going to buy and plant lots of spring and autumn flowering bulbs and my friend chloe has agreed to help. I planted my bulbs last year round about this time and they turned out fine but this year I plan to have a greater variety of flowers eg. Tulips, Iris, crocuses, fritillarias and hyacinths. 

What are your favourite bulbs to plant ?

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