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Sprouting Greens

These are some of the salads I sowed back in October. Now I said I wanted to plant them outside but thank God I didn’t as we had the coldest winter on record a few weeks later, so yes they are still in the greenhouse I want to get them outside but I think its still a bit too nippy for ’em i’ll have to see by the weekend if there going to be ready or not. But Its nice to have some life in the greenhouse during these really cold months.

Whats going on in your greenhouses ?


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Shooting Bulbs

As you’ll remember my friend Chloe and I planted bulbs back in August and already there starting to show, I love this time in the garden when the green shoots are just poking their noses through the soil, by the looks of things theres going to be no gaps thank God.  I spent enough money on them but if there are iv’e got some daffs in pots which i can just fill the gaps with.

How are your bulbs coming along ?

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Happy New Year


I know I haven’t posted in ages and your proberbly wondering why.. . GCSE mocks thats all im gonna say.

But i’m back now and going to be doing weekly posts of whats happening in the little garden. Recently my gardens been through freezing tempretures and too much rain. I harvested my pumkins along with yummy tomatoes over the October and November period and i’m now being supplied with winter salads and leeks throughout December and January, its good to know most of my hard work payed off.

My New Years Resolutions;

  • Take more pictures of the garden
  • Do more studying
  • Do well in my GCSE’s

What’s your new years resolutions ?

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