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Chopping Down Trees

On saturday I decided that enough was enough, so I chopped down most of the lilac tree looming over my little vegetable patch and greenhouse. And what a difference, almost immediately light flooded onto the back of my greenhouse and the little veg patch. Im going to chop down more this weekend and on bonfire night i’m going to burn it all :D. So far its going good.

What are your plans for bonfire night?


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Pretty Flowers

This post is about showing off the pretty flowers that  have blossomed this summer and how pleased I am that they’ve done so well.

 This year I wanted lots of Rhubeckia in the flower bed but only one managed to survived so here it is, Rhubeckia ‘Cherokee Sunset’.


This is the first Dahlia i’ve ever grown and it’s already one of my favourites. I don’t know what variety it is as I got a load of tubers, bulbs and corms from spain, when I went there for a school trip. So i bought them back with me and hydrated them as they were extremely dry and then pot them up and they grew well.

Pretty Cosmos’ ‘Double Click Snow Puff’ And ‘Sensation Mixed’

Agastache ‘Anise hyssop’

What pretty flowers are you growing in your garden ?

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Homemade Chips

You just can’t beat homemade chips and it’s true. There healthier than the ones from the shop and I grew them myself which is even better. So here’s what you do

Peel ’em and wash ’em

Chop ’em

Shallow fry ’em in sunflower oil

And eat ’em. Simples

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Harvesting Potatoes

Yesterday I harvested my first proper batch of spuds, they wern’t as good as i thought they would be but thats what it’s all about, learning for next time round. In total from 3 plants I got about 20 or more good sized spuds and the rest were salad size. They didn’t cost me anything as I got them from the cupboard where they’d been forgotten, so I chitted them and planted them about april time, every time the shoots reached the surface I would add another handful of soil to encourage more tubers, but it didn’t work as successfully as i thought it would. So next year I will definately be buying the potatoes from a garden centre so then i’ll actually know what variety i’m planting.

What variety of potatoes do you grow ?

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Baby Pumpkins

This is my first year growing pumpkins which is rather exciting their a variety called ‘Jack Be Little’ which is perfect for my little greenhouse. I started them off  in april in peat pots and later transplanted them into the grow bags and have supported them with strings so they would grow onto the bench on the side.

It started last week when i was getting worried that my pumpkin hadn’t sprouted any female flowers only male ones, so as i went into the greenhouse to water the plants  I checked the pumkin and noticed a female flower, I thought result! And then I spotted another one! Great! So the next day I came back and pollinated both of them with a earbud which in my experience works really well. 

These are the pumpkins at the moment. I’ve named them after my good friends, mollie on the left and Shane on the right. So I pollinated them successfully and now all I have to do is wait but thats the hardest part, hopefully they’ll be ready in time for halloween.

Are you growing pumpkins this year ?

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Saving Seed

This year as you know most of my flowers produced lots of seeds, so I put them in brown envelopes and pegged them up in the greenhouse to sow next year. Collecting seeds at the end of the growing year is great as it saves money and  it gives me a sense of accomplishment. It also makes me feel more in touch with nature reusing the seeds and not going to a shop and buying them. But with some seeds mainly flowers they can sometimes lead to different coloured petals i.e Alliums (purple Sensation) the offsprings flowers end up less purple and more white. so you don’t really know what your getting although the advantage of 2nd genereation seed is that they are more adapted to surviving in your garden which is certainly handy. When i need to use the seed I just simply need to seperate the seeds from the rest of the dried flower and sow.


Do you save seeds ?

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Welcome to the Jungle

This year i decided i would grow Tomatoes inside the greenhouse instead of outside (like i did last year). I decided to grow 6 different varietys which were ‘tigerella’, ‘Gardeners’ Delight’, ‘Black Cherry’, ‘Red Cherry’, ‘Money Maker’ and ‘Alisa Craig’. I sowed them back in March and whithin a few weeks they had germinated and thanks to the unusally warm early spring days they grew quickly. When they were big enough i planted them into grow bags and they grew and grew until i had to stake them in. I was happy with their progress until a few weeks ago when gardening mags proclaimed that it was about time to harvest, as they showed large, plump, red tomatoes in pictures which was all well and good until i looked at my plants which only just had buds on them! I was getting worried until under the growth i found these little green gems. Now i know its abit late but i always leave my veg more time just incase they surprise me, fingers crossed.

Whats your tomato harvest been like this year ?

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