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Planting Bulbs

Today my friend chloe came round to help me in the garden. We started the day by taking a trip to Harlow garden centre and when we got back we started by extending the flower bed and then encorperated farmyard manure into the soil and finished off by planting the bulbs which included Striped Squill, Glory-Of -The-Snow, A wide range of tulips, Crocuses, Hyacinth, Fritillaria and of course daffodils.After we put some lawn edging around the bed to give it a nice clean finish :) I also plan to enlarge the vegetable bed on a later date.


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Thinking Ahead

Just got back from Great Yarmouth and what a surprise it rained for most of the week. :(

So with spending most of my week indoors it got me thinking about the year ahead and what to do in the garden now. So i’ve decided next sunday i’m going to buy and plant lots of spring and autumn flowering bulbs and my friend chloe has agreed to help. I planted my bulbs last year round about this time and they turned out fine but this year I plan to have a greater variety of flowers eg. Tulips, Iris, crocuses, fritillarias and hyacinths. 

What are your favourite bulbs to plant ?

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What Great Weather Were Having

Writing this post I’m looking out of my bedroom window and it’s raining, it makes me wonder if this is the last of our warm summer?

It’s times like this when the weathers dreary that makes me think back to the start of spring when gardeners are just beggining to sow their seeds, getting their gardens ready for the up coming months and the greenhouse is full of new life.

Im going away to great yarmouth on saturday so i won’t be writing for a week hopefully the weather will be nicer there. 

Fingers crossed.

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What’s going on ?

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